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For our birthday, we thought we would like to bring a pastry shop to your home.

We would like to celebrate our 2nd birthday with you guys with a new launch. We have named it, quite aptly, patisserie.
This new, mellow fragrance has vanilla, coconut, and chocolate, and this candle has the potential to take you to your favorite “patisserie”.

We are going full out for our birthday, with wooden lids and frosted glass for our candles, so that dust doesn’t enter it and it gives a premium feel.

So light it up, and let it help you celebrate your birthday, every day.

No of wicks: 1
Candle Capacity: 180g
Burn Time: 9-10 Hours

Please note: Cut the wick of the candle by 5 -10 mm for longer candle life.

121 in stock

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