Egyptian Neroli and Kannauj Gulab


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Our Egyptian Neroli and Kannauj Gulab have the rustic accent & is steeped in history and mystery from Egypt and India

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Humans were meant to travel. At least the active ones. For those who prefer to stay at home,  our candles have the potential to teleport to another place altogether.

Our Egyptian Neroli and Kannauj Gulab have the rustic accent & is steeped in history and mystery.

Egyptian Neroli transports you to mid-Africa and the mystique attached to the Pharaohs and ancient Egyptian civilization. It has a citric scent to it, which is closely related to orange blossom, but it also has shades of spicy honey. It is an instant mood lifter.

Kannauj Gulab on the other hand takes you to the streets of Kannauj in india which is famous for its sweet scents since the time of King Harshvardhan to Mughals and even in present day India. It helps to promote a sense of harmony in this age of non-stop movement and chaos.

Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 cm

3 reviews for Egyptian Neroli and Kannauj Gulab

  1. Reshma Unnikrishnan

    Ordered the newly released fragrances, Egyptian Neroli & Kannauj Gulab. I must say, both smells heavenly🥰

  2. Meenal Goyal (verified owner)

    Both the fragrances are awesome. I just loved them.
    Kannauj gulab is like you are sniffing a real rose.
    Egyptian neroli is also a very soothing fragrance.
    The glass jar is so pretty 👌.
    Please make them in big size too.
    Well done Shreya!

  3. FEMI JAIN (verified owner)

    Both candles are so beautifully made, it instantly lifts the mood of the room. Kannauj Gulab deserves a special mention as it smells just heavenly! Shreya you are amazing!

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